What is Ozflex?

OZFLEX ® is a high-quality acrylic tile sealing / tile pointing roof product produced by a family owned and operated business based in Wangara, Perth Western Australia.

OZFLEX ® replaces the cement pointing on tiled roofs for both new and existing residential properties. Our extensive colour range can match most tiles on the market or ask our friendly staff to see if they can colour match to your requirements.

OZFLEX Colour Chart 

Please note that thesecolours are shown as close to actual colours as possible. Variations in viewed colour may ocur when viewed from diffrent computer screens and should only be considered an indication.


  • Clean ridge tiles using a good wire brush.
  • Take a bucket of OZFLEX® already tinted in the chosen colour, remove the sealed lid and apply around the edges of the ridge tiles, filling all cracks and holes. Use a trowel to your liking which should be dipped in water regularly to keep it clean and to smooth over the surface. 
  • OZFLEX® is evenly applied at 3 – 5 mm for new roofing, where only the pointing is to be done on a flush cement bedding. For repair work, a slightly increased quantity is needed depending on the repair work to be done to fill in holes and cracks and to finish off the pointing. 
  •  Approximate Coverage: 10 ltr. = 30 – 40 caps.
  •  We recommend the bedding be done in a common cement mortar and only the pointing to be finished off with OZFLEX ®. 
  • OZFLEX ® keeps in the same bucket after opening for many months provided that the lid has been closed tightly and it has been kept out of the sun. All that need to be done after that is to stir well and the rest of OZFLEX ® is ready to be used again. 
  • Precaution: OZFLEX ® is not an additive and must not be mixed with any other product. 

Technical Specifications

OZFLEX® is a safe and easy to use. This product and has been tested and meets the new Australian Standard: AS4046.8 – 2006.
Technical specifications for the product are as follows.

Physical Description Properties: 

  • pH: 8-9
  • Min film forming temperature: 5°C
  • High Temperature: 1 week at 50 °C
  • Stability: very good
  • Specific Weight: 1.6
  • Precaution For Use: 
  • Ventilation: No ventilation needed for exterior application. Local exhaust ventilation and open windows usually required for interior application.
  • Flammability: The product is non-flammable
  • Storage/Transport: Material is supplied in 10 litre plastic containers with sealed lid. Can be stored three on top of each other but preferably only two.
  • Spills & Disposal Leftovers should not be run to sewerage. Expose to air, dry then transport to legal rubbish tip.
  • General: Sealed containers can be stocked for up to one year. 
  • Fire/Explosion: This material is not flammable...